Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Wordle Is Worth A Thousand Somethings

Wordle is, in its creator's own words, "a toy for generating 'word clouds.'" With this free, browser-based app, users input text or link to an RSS feed to generate word clouds - visual representations of the most commonly used words in the source text. Users are then able to tweak and customize these word clouds using a simple toolset, and save their creations to the Wordle public database.

Here are some examples of Word clouds that compare the language used by various liberal and conservative news outlets.

Fox News


The National Review

The New York Times
Town Hall

The Raw Story

World News Daily

The Washington Post
The National Journal

Once you make a word cloud with Wordle, you have free reign to do with it as you please. Yes, that also means you can sell them.


  1. It is interesting. I think that we have the opportunity to create wonderful posters with this program. The way that you presented with a variety of examples is very helpful and let us know that it is not only one way to create things visually Using the tools from Wordle

  2. I think is very interesting pic, or software. It is something that grabs your attention. usefull in a creative way, like showing to people and stuff.

  3. I would use this to Edit an essay to see how often I repeat words throughout. I dont really see a huge purpose for these other than making words look cool and drawing attention to spicific ones.